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课程时间:2022-01-01 00:00:00 ~ 2030-01-01 00:00:00
报名时间:2022-01-01 00:00:00 ~ 2030-01-01 00:00:00
全部学习人数 60 人 | 观看人数 0
Chapter1 Introduction to accounting
1.2 The regulation of accounting (3分钟) (12分钟)
1.3 Capital and revenue items (3分钟) (12分钟)
1.5 Accounting concepts and conventions (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter2 Accounting equation
2.3 Credit transaction (3分钟) (12分钟)
2.4 Basic financial statements (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter3 Recording financial transactions
3.2 Petty Cash book (3分钟) (12分钟)
3.3 The payroll (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter4 Ledger accounting and double entry
4.1 Ledger accounting (3分钟) (12分钟)
4.2 double entry bookkeeping (3分钟) (12分钟)
4.3 Journal entries for transactions (3分钟) (12分钟)
4.3 Journal entries for transactions (3分钟) (12分钟)
4.4 value added tax (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter5 Preparing basic financial statements
Chapter6 Errors and corrections to accounting records and financial
6.1 bank reconcilations (3分钟) (12分钟)
6.2 Types of error in accounting (3分钟) (12分钟)
6.3 Suspense account (3分钟) (12分钟)
6.4 Adjustment of profits for errors (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter7 Inventory
7.1 IAS 2, Inventories (3分钟) (12分钟)
7.2 Cost of sales (3分钟) (12分钟)
7.4 Adjusting the trial balance (3分钟) (12分钟)
7.5 Valuing inventories (3分钟) (12分钟)
7.7 Inventory drawings (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter8 Irrecoverable debts and allowance for receivables
Chapter9 Accruals and prepayments
9.2 Accruals (3分钟) (12分钟)
9.3 Prepayments (3分钟) (12分钟)
9.4 Accounting for accruals and prepayments (3分钟) (12分钟)
9.5 The accrual principle and income (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter10 Non-current assets and depreciation
10.2 The objective of depreciation (3分钟) (12分钟)
10.3 Calculating depreciation (3分钟) (12分钟)
10.4 Non-current asset disposals (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter11 Company financial statements
11.1 Equity: share capital (3分钟) (12分钟)
11.3 Dividends (3分钟) (12分钟)
11.4 Rights issues and bonus issues of shares (3分钟) (12分钟)
11.5 Provisions (IAS 37) (3分钟) (12分钟)
11.6 Tax (3分钟) (12分钟)
Chapter12 Quick methods to prepare financial statements
Chapter13 Statement of Cash flow
13.1 IAS7 Statement of Cash flow (3分钟) (12分钟)
13.2 Cash flows from operating activities (3分钟) (12分钟)
13.3 Cash flows from investing activities (3分钟) (12分钟)
13.4 Cash flows from financing activities (3分钟) (12分钟)